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Establishing a PAC

There are many laws to know when establishing a Political Action Committee (PAC). Take the guess work out of creating a PAC by hiring MKM Services. Receive assistance on completing the required paperwork so you can have your PAC up and running in no time.


The key to a successful PAC is fundraising. The more money you raise, the more you have to spend on candidates who support your interests. MKM will develop an effective fundraising plan designed around your needs. Whether through dues collection or free standing, your fundraising plan will be designed to help you achieve success in the legislative process.

Contribution Criteria

Once you have established a PAC, it is important to develop criteria for making contributions. These criteria will enhance your PAC's effectiveness by making the most of your financial resources. From key issues to candidate viability, MKM Services will create contribution criteria which are tailor made to fit your needs.

Candidate Research

One of the most critical tasks for any PAC is developing a system of candidate research to help guide your contribution decisions. Often times this may seem an insurmountable task, with the large number of candidates seeking office. Yet, with MKM's database of candidates, election outcomes and historical information, research is made easy.

PAC Spending

As an added measure of support for your PAC, MKM Services offers consultation on PAC spending. Attending meetings of your Political Action Committee and providing valued input on the candidates in each race will help ensure your limited resources are wisely spent.

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